Sara Lankutis


Sara Lankutis is a visual artist and educator living in Stockton, California. Sara graduated from California College of the Arts in 2013 with a BFA in printmaking. Sara’s artistic practice utilizes painting, drawing, printmaking and collage media to explore deeper looking. Sara has led educational and public programs for all ages at Kala Art Institute, Berkeley Art Museum, and the City of Stockton. She facilitates the printmaking program and offers public events and workshops at Creative Growth Art Center, a historic studio and gallery for artists with disabilities in Oakland, California.


I am a visual artist working within drawing, painting, printmaking and collage. I often utilize scale, perspective and composition to explore deeper looking in my surroundings at home or in transit. Each creation of a work is a slow, unfolding process incorporating the traces of time and evidence of a larger collective experience of a place - scratches, footprints, tracks. I’m interested in how these environments can hold layers of mystery and collective familiarity simultaneously.